Dandi, Escola de Ball de Saló, with more than 20 years of experience as professional dancers and specialized and qualified teachers in the world of dance, offers the most serious, exclusive and professional training in the world of dance.

Many of them won’t know, but it’s true

Our temporary investment in them is much higher than we can imagine, and that is because the technology provided by the Internet allows us to communicate quickly and easily.
What do I mean, what do I say?

Nuevos cursos, nuevos bailes, nuevas coreografías, torneos, master class, exhibiciones, etc., todo esto y mucho más es lo que Dandi transmite en sus redes sociales, gestionadas por nuestro equipo.

New courses, new dances, new choreographies, tournaments, master classes, exhibitions, etc., all this and much more is what Dandi transmits on its social networks, managed by our team.

¡Blog & Youtube, also!

And we not only use social networks to stay connected with users. We also use the brand’s YouTube channel, where we publish videos of tournaments, choreographies, shows, etc .; and the Dandi blog, where we publish news from the sector or other information of interest to users.  

Social networks, constant communication; the YouTube channel, audiovisual communication; and the blog, textual communication. Three channels, three communication styles, and the same brand.
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