FGC Turisme i Muntanya · Cremallera i Funiculars de MontserratFGC Turisme i Muntanya · Cremallera i Funiculars de MontserratFGC Turisme i Muntanya · Cremallera i Funiculars de Montserrat

FGC Turisme i Muntanya · Cremallera i Funiculars de Montserrat

Managed by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya · Muntanya i Turisme, the Zip els Funiculars de Montserrat become a point of reference for transport to one of the most representative mountains in Catalonia which, thanks to its characteristics, has become one of the Catalan symbols.

For more than 4 years, in GOline we have been running Social Networks as well as the development of the Social Media strategies of this tourist destination, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In order to attract the interest of the public and, thanks to this, achieve greater engagement, we create our own quality content daily.

How do we do it?

Periodically, we create, develop and manage different strategic actions such as: promotions, sweepstakes and contests that are in the best interest of the public.

An example of this is the QUIZ“ How much do you know about the Montserrat mountain? that was elaborated with the The purpose of knowing was the knowledge of the users about the Rack Railway, the funiculars, the Montserrat mountain, the Virgin of Montserrat and many other curiosities. In the event that users do not have this knowledge, we provide it. An easy way to entertain users with content of interest, while also adding new value and knowledge.

This Quiz is still active and with a total of 10 questions having, on more than one occasion, more than one answer to choose from.

All this process was done through the platform Easypromos than through By developing the Quiz, we were able to increase the engagement of the followers. Through a valuable content graphic and written, we involve users. Once the contest was developed, it was disseminated through all social networks so that they could participate in a game of one of the most important symbols of Catalonia.

Once this Quiz has been created, from the social media profiles of Rack and Funiculars of Montserrat as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram , the quiz in question was disseminated, with the aim of achieving greater supply to make the largest possible number of followers participate.

And you, have you already put your knowledge about Montserrat Mountain to the test?

¡ Do the QUIZ and prove it!