FGC Turisme i Muntanya · Vall de NúriaFGC Turisme i Muntanya · Vall de NúriaFGC Turisme i Muntanya · Vall de Núria

FGC Turisme i Muntanya · Vall de Núria

Managed by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat · Muntanya i Turisme, Vall de Núria becomes one of the highest points in the Vall de Ribes, surrounded by peaks of almost 3,000 meters, located within the Eastern Pyrenees.

The ski resort Vall de Núria , has relied on the professionalism of GOline for the execution of social networks and the development of different Social Media strategies . For this, an action plan has been drawn up to see the specific needs and prioritize the tasks to be used in the social networks that we manage: Facebook , Twitter ,Instagramand Youtube .

Social media management

  • We prepare quality and interesting content , presented in different formats to attract public interest and make it relevant.
  • We seek valuable external content , from the same sector so that it is of interest to the community we are targeting.
  • We give response, interact and promote conversation among users.
  • We create, develop and manage strategic actions previously defined and according to the objectives set: promotions, raffles, contests, actions with influencers … etc.
  • We analyze, seek and apply the best actions to generate the greatest engagment possible in the community thanks to the content of interest.
  • We manage possible moments of social media crisis that may occur eventually.
  • We monitor and evaluate the results on the different social networks on a monthly basis. We establish the KPI’s that we must analyze in order to have a vision of the work that is being done and the results that are being obtained.


Action plan

We create a strategic action plan on a monthly basis focused on the entire season. It specifies the different actions that must be executed according to the social network, taking into account the final objectives that must be met. We also study the type of content to be published, the graphic or audiovisual material that is attached and the different links to be published to give more information to the user.

Digital consulting

  • We present a monthly creative proposal in which different ideas focused on social media are detailed and to continue raising the interest and interaction of users.
  • The objective of the consultancy is to make and apply different proposals that follow new trends, social media and explore new formats and dynamics.
  • Generic consulting of social networks, email marketing, ecommerce and digital advertising
  • Benchmark of the actions carried out in social networks and email marketing of the reference stations at an international level.


Email Marketing

  • We carry out strategic advice to improve the results of the newsletters.
  • We optimize results reports.
  • We guarantee compliance with RGPD .
  • We plan and execute lead capture actions more frequently.
  • We write the content of the newsletters and prepare the visual graphics.
  • We schedule the sending of the newsletters.
  • We prepare monthly reports to analyze the results obtained.


Client: Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat
Category: Marketing Online
Applications: Branding