Mas Corts, restaurant located in a privileged environment (15 minutes from Barcelona) made up of specialists in the organization of events, especially weddings.

Initial briefing

Our team work with professionalism and dedication in the design, development and production of the web page from Mas Corts.

To do this, we start with the configuration of a briefing initial in which all those qualifications that Mas Corts considered relevant, and all those points were grouped that the GOline team considered of great importance for the optimization of the objective of said web page.

Let’s get to work!

Once the concepts were in tune, part of the GOline team got to work on the production of this web page, < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> through the corresponding programming language.

A web page with an attractive design, well structured, clear, simple, giving priority to images, following the latest trends in web development, with the incorporation of videos, with worked content, easy to navigate, etc.

For GOline it was essential that the design and characteristics that the Mas Corts web portal had acquired be fully functional and it was in it, we are working on.

Client: More Corts
Category: Web Page Development
Applications: Website