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Move to BCN

Move To BCN, a company formed by two interior designers who work for the sale and rental of real estate in Barcelona. Reform with criteria, precision and care are its principles for the successful development of its work.

The initial briefing

At GOline, we work on the development and production of the web page by Move To BCN.

To do this, we configure a briefing initial in which each and every one of the client’s needs were reflected, and in turn, the professional needs that our team considered essential.

Let’s start!

Our team understands that a web portal is not only a showcase where to show the services, products, etc. of a company.

Our team understands that the web page is the best image and sales tool for any company, And so we had to work well on it.

With an attractive design, giving priority to images, with the latest trends in web development, easy navigation, etc., we found a web page Made to measure!

Client: Move to BCN
Category: Web Page Development
Applications: Website