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Sex Toys Center

Sex Toys Center, is a company that has revolutionized the concept of sex-shop in Spain by renewing the erotic sector with its XXL establishments and with the myriad of products offered there: from lubricants or massage oils to a range of erotic toys, passing for the fetish, joke articles, books, audiovisuals, clothing, footwear, etc.

Sex Toys Center entrusted us with the execution of its new website .

We create a website with the hope of renewing and updating the online platform, successfully transmitting the values ​​of the brand. One of the main claims of the new website was that it be a source of information and consultation. That said, we develop the product sections and blog content with special prominence.

With the products section we intend to offer in-depth information to familiarize sex and end the taboos and myths that surround it. On the other hand, through the blog, we decided to capture the widest variety of topics on the universe of eroticism.

With all this, the result was a website with a design homologous to the essence of the brand, personalized with its corporate colors, and following a modern and clear design line. In turn, each and every one of the sections (products, stores, blog, Vip Club, and contact), have access from the home page, to conveniently display their content to users.

Finally, this web page has been developed with a fully responsive design, thus adapting to the different search devices.

Client: Sex Toys Center
Category: Web Page
Applications: Web Page Management