Teatre Nacional de CatalunyaTeatre Nacional de CatalunyaTeatre Nacional de CatalunyaTeatre Nacional de Catalunya

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) is a cultural institution created to contribute to the cultural growth of the country through the performing arts, contributing to its positioning as a tool to improve a society in constant evolution, through the excellence of artistic and pedagogical proposals open to everyone.

From GOline we execute social networks and develop different strategies for Social Media as well as the coverage of periodic events such as premieres and press conferences.

Social media management

  • Creating and managing a Content Plan monthly according to previously defined objectives.
  • Daily publication on all social networks, using Twitter as the social network par excellence.
  • We elaborate a quality own content and interest to attract the interest of the public, focused mainly on the plays of the season.
  • Extensive monitoring and monitoring the community by creating our own hashtags that we analyze through tools such as Hootsuite.
  • We create, develop and manage strategic actions such as: raffles and contests.
  • We manage crises that may be presented eventually.
  • We monitor and evaluate the results obtained in all channels on a monthly basis, with previously established KPIs, through a report.
  • Attendance at all press conferences weekly to collect exclusive information that allows us to create better content, whether written, graphic or audiovisual.
  • Attendance at premieres of all shows on a weekly basis to create live content that is closer to viewers. At the same time, we transmit the previews of all the premieres as well as the post functions.
  • Assistance to others events and activities that the TNC organizes such as: reading clubs, teacher sessions, rehearsals, presentations, etc.


Action plan

    Monthly, a Content Strategic Monthly Plan is created based on everyone the shows of the season, as well as the press conferences and the activities parallel to the shows. It specifies different actions that will later be developed and executed taking into account which channel is to be broadcast and for what purpose.

    Subsequently, a research work is done to find out what type of content is best suited to the public, the graphic or audiovisual material that will be disseminated as well as the external content to give more information to the user.

    Finally, all the content is created on a monthly basis that allows us to work as far in advance as possible and be daily with all the news and breaking news that allow us to present the attention necessary.